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Dubai Living Part 2

Arabian Ranches At Shelter Offshore we love the Arabian Ranches development – it is away from the city so away from a great deal of the hustle, bustle, traffic and construction.   All properties are villa based and the entire massive development has been constructed following an intelligent master plan that has allowed for plenty of provision of communal sport and leisure facilities.  

The Arabian Ranches development is secure, safe and very attractive, it makes for a great community in which to relax and bring up children. Pros The lifestyle is pretty good!   The facilities and amenities are top notch, the properties are stunning, your neighbours are very likely to be owner-occupiers and you’re close to one of the best golf courses as well as the Polo and Equestrian club.  

The community is a pleasant and positive one, and one where you can really make yourself feel at home.   The local shopping facilities are relatively basic, (for Dubai!), but adequate for most day to day requirements. Cons You’re out of town therefore you do have to commute everywhere.   You’re not near medical facilities and the majority of educational establishments are a drive away as well.   Because the level of security is excellent, this does mean it can be slow getting home as you are stopped and checked every time.

Umm Suqeim If you want to perhaps experience the very best bits of Dubai – old and new – within reach of your front door, Umm Suqeim is the right district for you to consider.   The properties are villas and range from old and even a little run down to palatial mansions!   Rents aren’t the highest they could be in Dubai but then, because of the excellent beachside location close to the Burj al Arab hotel that the residential area of Umm Suqeim occupies, you’re not really going to find it all that cheap either! Pros The list of pros is almost endless – so where to start?   Well, the location is fabulous in terms of what’s all around you.  

You have beach access, you even have some scrubland within reach for dog walking (rare in Dubai), you are close to the most exquisite hotels and all the incredible facilities that come with them, you have a really broad range of shopping experiences on your doorstep.   You can shop for antiques, you can shop for the local fish catch, you can shop in the most exquisite boutiques!   As you’re close to Jumeirah you’re close to lots of schools and medical facilities too. Cons As you’re not living within a secure compound there have been instances of relatively petty crime such as burglary, so just lock doors and be a little more safety conscious…other than that the only real downside is that the area around Umm Suqeim can get congested because of traffic heading to the beach for example. Al Safa and Al Wasl The large open spaces provided by the parks in these areas makes the environment very pleasant.  

Properties are villa based and there is a broad range in terms of style.   You have some pretty ugly monsters and some very attractive family homes – so you need to view the property and the area around it before deciding whether it’s for you or not.   The slightly odd thing about these districts is that everyone drives everywhere as there are few small local amenities such as convenience stores, so to see people walking on the streets is almost surprising!   This makes it a great dog walker’s paradise though as you can street walk your hound and not get too many dirty looks from other pedestrians. Pros A broad range of villa type available, within reach of all required amenities – albeit by car.  

Healthcare and educational establishments very well within reach of a short car journey, and it’s a pleasant area for families with children thanks to the parkland. Cons Just like Umm Suqeim there have been instances of opportunist thieves making the most of an open window – so just be a little vigilant.   The only other real con is that you have to hop in the car for everything, although most journeys are very short! Jumeirah If you want to live in what is possibly THE most sought after area of Dubai, you need an address in Jumeirah (also spelt Jumeira) – the properties are mainly low rise villa based homes, and they range from luxurious to mega-magnificent!   The price tags match the appeal of the area however, and you’re going to be paying top dollar for an address along the 9km coastal strip! Pros Just like Umm Suqeim you’re within reach of everything – you have the best public and private beaches on your doorstep, the best restaurants and independent shops, some of the finest accommodation and accessibility to everything from the free zones and jobs, to schools and hospitals!

Cons The cost is probably the number one con – it is nothing if not seriously expensive!   Then you have the construction noise, the heavy traffic and the fact that as a result of the cars and bustle of the area, despite the fact that many of the quiet tree lined streets in the area are peaceful, there is a bit of an overall vibe of vitality which some people prefer to live day to day without. We hope that part two of our guide to where to live in Dubai has helped you.  

In part three we will be covering Satwa, the Trade Centre, Bur Dubai and Al Mankhool, Karama and Oud Metha and Umm Hurair. Continuing the series of articles examining the 20 main residential districts in Dubai for expatriates moving to live in the emirate. Continuing our successful series of articles about the features and the pros and cons of the main residential areas in Dubai for would-be expats and those already living in Dubai who’re seeking a new property, we’ll be focusing on areas to the north east of Jumeirah. Because Dubai is such a diverse and fascinating city, and one growing at an incredibly rapid rate, the range of real estate available varies greatly from district to district.  

This can make it hard to imagine where you want to live in Dubai when you just see the city on paper in the form of a map. It’s far more important to get a feel for the best and worst bits about an area, as well as to glean facts such as whether it’s family friendly or not, if it’s close to schools and what the property types are that are available, so that you can then target your search on the right districts for your property based search in Dubai Satwa This is one of the best areas of the city to live in if you are young, free and single!   It’s lively, exciting, vibrant and you’re within walking distance of so much!   Property types vary from single rooms or small apartments to relatively spacious older style villas.   The glitz and glamour one associates with Dubai are not really what Satwa’s all about, but if you want to really enjoy living life in Dubai, getting out and meeting friends, socialising and watching almost the whole world go by, Satwa could be right for you. Pros The varied range of properties available is also reflected in the price, you can find some very reasonably priced small apartments for rent and even some relatively well priced villas as well.  

You’re right in the heart of it, you can shop for anything and everything from car parts to garden furniture when you live in Satwa!   What’s more, there are a whole host of entertainment options right on your doorstep.   This is a great district to live in for singles and young couples. Cons The traffic and the amount of people in the vicinity can be a little intense and overpowering!   This results in noise and congestion and because the area is not screened or gated, it’s home to all types including some less desirable characters.   There have been instances of petty personal and property related theft in the area as a result.  

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